Organic Natural Lubricants

The world's first all Natural Chemical Free Organic Personal Lubricants.

Sensua Organics personal lubricants are the worlds first alternative to the synthetic chemical and preservative filled lubricants on the market today.

Sensua Organics has developed this 95% certified organic Personal Lubricant for people who care about their bodies health. Our Strawberry flavored water-based Lubricant is chemical free and made with simple pure ingredients. Our Strawberry flavor is made with USDA Certified Organic fruit.It is ph neutral, non-staining, easy to wash off and latex safe. All of our ingredients are non- irritating and safe for delicate tissue.

Sensua Organics's mission is to create the best and most effective certified organic, chemical-free, personal lubricants in the world. Sensua Organics infuse our formulations with botanicals, plants, roots, homeopathics, naturally occurring vitamins, proteins, and minerals-and only from whole certified organic foods sources. Sensua Organics has created lubricants that re hydrate your body's natural moisture. Our patent-pending formula naturally enhances your body's native lubrication�.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Certified De ionized Water, Certified Organic strawberry flavor/fragrance, Certified Organic Grapefruit seed Extract, Vitamin E, Wildcrafted Certified Pesticide Free Guar Gum

Note: GrapeFruit seed extracts is known to discourage bacterial,fungal and yeast infection.Our cold-processed aloe vera and vitamin E are smoothing and healing to delicate tissues.
To reactive lubricant add a few drops of water.


Why do we use sex lubricants?

Studies have shown that stress is one of the factors that inhibit a woman's ability to produce lubrication for sexual activity. Also, depending on where she is in her monthly cycle, a woman produces different levels of vaginal lubricant. Sometimes when sex is uncomfortable or painful it could be related to pregnancy, hormones or menopause. There are lots of different factors as to why a woman experiences vaginal dryness, not all of them relating to being "turned on" or not. In any case, personal sex lubricants are fun to use and help couples to relax and experience more pleasure!

What does organic mean?

Organic signifies ingredients grown and produced without chemicals. This means no chemicals are allowed in organic products and no chemicals are used in the growing process.

Are SENSUA ORGANICS water-based lubricants condom compatible?

Yes. Our water-based lubricants are latex safe. Our love oils are not intended as a lubricant since they are oil based and not latex compatible.

Does SENSUA ORGANICS unflavored lubricant have any taste?

The Original Organic Unflavored lubricant has very little taste. Our Original Organic Flavored lubricants have a subtle, sweet natural fruit flavor.

How can I maximize the use of SENSUA ORGANICS lubricants?

Our water-based lubricants can be rejuvenated simply by adding saliva or few drops of water. Our Lubricants have a natural rehydrateing effect. They will keep rejuvenating naturaly with the bodies on body fluids!

Is Aloe Vera a natural spermicide?

NO. Although Aloe Vera has been known to be a natural spermicide in folk medicine, we do not recommend using it as a spermicide.

Can SENSUA ORGANICS water-based lubricants be used on sex toys?

Yes. Our water-based lubricants are safe for sex toys.

What is the shelf life on SENSUA ORGANICS personal lubricants and Love Oils?

Our Lubricants and Love Oils have a shelf life of two years. It is best to keep them out of direct sun light and stored at room temperature.

Can small amounts of SENSUA ORGANICS lubricants be ingested?

Our lubricants are truly an all natural product, and the small amount that is ingested during love play is harmless. Our lubricants are not a food and should not be ingested in large quantities.

What if I have prolonged irritation from SENSUA ORGANICS lubricants?

Stop use immediately. Everyone's body is different and there is always a small chance of irritation from anything you use on your body.

What is Homeopathic Medicine?

Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine that is based on the principle of similars- like cures like - which means that a substance that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy person. Homeopathy aims to aid and stimulate the body's own defense and immune processes. Homeopathic medicines are derived from a variety of plants, animal materials and minerals. These medicines are prescribed to fit each individual's needs, given in much smaller and less toxic doses than traditional medications, and are used for both prevention and treatment. Established 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahneman, and is recognized by the World Health Organization as the second largest therapeutic system in the world.